Shropshire Hills Voice their Future for the Uplands

The Uplands Alliance worked with the Shropshire Hills AONB to convene a workshop on, Looking Forward – what we need from Government Support for the future of the uplands in the Shropshire Hills and other areas of the English Uplands bordering Wales.

Held on 27th February there was a massive attendance with huge energy from the 82 participants. Thank you to all the partners who supported the event; Natural England, CLA, NFU, National Trust, Foundation for Common Land.

The AONB has kindly prepared both a short report setting out: a) the principles that participants concluded were required going forward and b) next steps as well as a long report providing full details of the discussions held. Please find these available to download here:

Summary Report    Shropshire Hills Uplands Forum 27 Feb 17 summary report

Full Report               Shropshire Hills Uplands Forum 27 Feb 17 full report

Speakers Slides        Uplands Forum 27 Feb 17 presentations-web


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