Sharing Learning from our Neighbours: Is Welsh Upland Farming at a Brexit–induced crossroad?

The Uplands Alliance focuses on England but we are aware our challenges aren’t unique and so we are forming links with those in England and Scotland exploring the same issues as us. Here are links to the reports and presentations of a conference held in Wales in March entitled: Is Welsh upland farming at a Brexit–induced crossroad?

“Upland farming in Wales could be at a crossroads, which is why Bangor University, RSPB Cymru, and Cynidr Consulting, worked in partnership with support from the Welsh Government, to organise a unique event on the 15 March, to discuss the future of upland farming, and to offer farmers the opportunity to contribute to future land use policy developments.”

The conference report and all the slides from the presentations are available on the Bangor University Webpage – well worth looking at:

Here is the report as well: Future of the Uplands Post CAP Report Final

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