A Future for England’s Uplands: a Summary

The Uplands Alliance is England’s leading network of organisations looking to shape a better future for England’s Uplands. In 2016/17 we carried out the country’s most detailed consultation directly with stakeholders to obtain the most accurate picture of the issues and opportunities the English uplands face. This has been brought together here in this summary. We sent this to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Defra with the attached letter. So far Mr Gove’s comments on the Uplands have been positive.

Over 300 people attended our workshops held in London, Cumbria, Shropshire and Exeter. Separate reports were produced for each event and these are available on our website. Here you can download our two page report collated around the five topics of:

  • Uplands Policy
  • Communication
  • Role of Farming
  • Future Schemes
  • Training and Learning

2016-17 UA Workshop collated findings-finalised

Michael Gove SoS Defra 14-09-17

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