Uplands Discussion at Penrith Mart

Three northern Sheep Breed Societies came together to host a discussion event at Penrith Winter Sheep Show and Sale on 21st January 2018. The Herdwicks, Swaledales and Rough Fell Societies invited a range of organisations were invited to have stalls and explain how their work can support upland farmers create more resilient and viable businesses going forward. The Uplands Alliance was there showcasing the benefits the uplands provides and having discussions with those visiting.

The speakers were Tim Farron MP (Westmorland) and two hill farmers – Will Cockbain (On the UA Steering Group) and Isaac Benson a National Trust Tenant in the Lake District. Trudy Harrison MP (Copeland) was also in attendance and was particularly taken by our infographic and keen to speak for the uplands. Over 100 farmers stayed for the discussion event and many more came to the Sale.

The videos of the two farmers speaking on their farms can we watched through he following links:

Will Cockbain

Isaac Benson




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